Different Perspectives

lights water blur rain
Photo by Bob Clark on Pexels.com

Today I went for a walk around the Macquarie River in the centre of my town, Bathurst NSW, Australia. I have been doing this everyday for various reasons. To improve my health, to get out of the house, to notice the beauty in nature, to take time out for myself, to ensure I take 10,000 steps everyday, to live in the moment and many more reasons. I was ready for a lovely walk and as we had had a few spots of rain so I decided to carry my umbrella with me. I was enjoying my walk and I had made a plan to spread kindness by greeting everyone I walked past with something positive like saying “cute dog, good morning, how are you, lovely time of year etc”. Everyone was friendly and enjoying the day. It was funny though how there was two different perspectives and conversation starters around my umbrella. One group of people would say “I hope you don’t need that umbrella today” and the other group of people would say “I sure hope you need to use that umbrella”. You see much of Australia is in drought and we desperately need rain to help our farmers and our land. I found it interesting that some people had their thoughts centred around the big picture of hoping for rain as it is so crucial to the survival of our flora and fauna whereas other people had their thoughts centred around themselves and not wanting to get wet while they were walking. Neither is right or wrong but it got me thinking about how everyone can be living in the same moment but have an entirely different perspective on the same situation. I was hoping for rain because my thoughts were centred around the big picture and I was prepared to take a walk in the rain with my umbrella. Luckily for me, the sky opened up just at the moment that I got back in the car to drive home and I didn’t need my umbrella. I love the contrast in this situation and it reminds me that the world is an interesting wonderful place.

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