How Do We Have It All

macro photography of pink and white multi petaled flower
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I know that our thoughts create our universe and as much knowing I have about this I still find it hard to keep my thoughts in the positive and in the present in order to create wonderful things. I often wonder about super famous successful people and I know that they must have a great sense of this. Look at people like Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Taylor Swift and Oprah. They seemingly have it all and they have used their positive thoughts to create wonderful lives for themselves. I often think about the wonderful lives they have created for themselves and think that they are so blessed. They know how to create success. What I also wonder is if they have moments like myself where my thoughts go way of course and start reliving the past. Recreating those awful moments in my life that should have been learning experiences that teach us about ourselves. I often forget to learn from them and move forward and I get stuck in those moments often re-creating more of the same. I wonder if these super successful people have those same issues as I do or are they so aware of their thoughts that they are quick to acknowledge them and bring themselves back into the present moment. I would love to have a conversation with them and ask them this very question. For now I am going to continue to try and create more positive situations in my life by catching myself when I have a negative thought and relive the past and bring my thoughts back into the present moment.

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