Living In The Now

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I have been working really hard on living in the now, living in the moment and I think I am beginning to realise that it is harder than I think. The mind wanders off on its own into the past and the present constantly and I am struggling to keep it in the now. I occasionally catch myself in the moment for example I was just putting some rubbish in the recycling bin outside and I caught myself thinking “what a beautiful place I live in, aren’t’ I lucky to live in this lovely town, in this lovely house with this beautiful garden” I even praised myself and acknowledged that this is it, this is living in the moment, in the now and it felt good. Although just moments ago while I was writing this, my beautiful eight year old daughter just came to chat to me and I caught myself thinking “gee she is chatty, I hope I don’t lose the thought that I was writing about” when I should have been really listening to her and engaging in our conversation. This was the future creeping into the now. I also caught myself thinking about how my Fitbit went flat today when we were on a family outing (living in the past) and I am wondering whether to go for a walk to try and get my 10,000 steps recorded even though I know I would have done those steps they just were recorded (trying to create my future). I am also considering whether I should go and meditate so I can bring myself into the present but is that me trying to create my future rather than living in the moment where I am here writing and wanting to make a positive difference in the world with my words. I really think I am overthinking this which is making it difficult for myself to live in the moment. One thing I do know for sure is that I am getting much better at living in the moment and if I can make small changes towards this goal all the time, I know I will get there eventually and create a better future for myself.

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